How to create a free chatbot for your enterprise?

Chatbots are increasingly being used by companies to improve their customer service and internal communication. However, creating such a conversational agent can seem intimidating for companies without technical knowledge. Fortunately, there are free online tools that allow you to easily create a chatbot for your business. In this article, we explain step by step how to create a free chatbot using these creation platforms.

Choose a chatbot creation platform

The first step to create a chatbot for free is to choose an online chatbot creation platform. There are many free options such as Tars, Chatfuel or Manicha. As it is published here, you can easily and quickly get your bot with the Botnation platform. Each of these platforms has its own benefits and inconveniences. It is therefore important to compare them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sign up for your chosen platform

The next step to get a free chatbot is to create a user account. Once you have chosen the chatbot creation platform, this account will give you access to all the essential tools to design your virtual assistant. Registration is usually quick and easy. The account can be created using your email address or your facebook account.

Define the objectives of your chatbot

Before starting to create your chatbot, you must clearly define its goals. Think about what you want your virtual assistant to accomplish. Is it to answer customer questions, collect contact information, or sell products and services ? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before starting to design your tool. Once you have precisely defined the goals of your chatbot, you can now start planning the necessary steps for its creation.

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Create a smooth conversation

To guide customers throughout the experience, the chatbot must have a smooth conversation with the user. This is why you must create natural discussions that give users the answer they need. Chatbots can answer common questions, provide information about products and services, or offer promotions. Each text returned by the bot must therefore be adapted to the different questions of your customers. When creating your conversation, keep in mind that it must be simple and easy to follow. Avoid complicated responses or excessive requests that can frustrate users and make them abandon the chat.

Test your chatbot

Once you have created your chatbot, you must finally test it. This will let you know if all integrations are working correctly. You can also make adjustments and modifications if necessary. Test it using different usage scenarios to ensure that your conversational agent can handle your customers common requests. Consider testing your chatbot on different devices, as it must be able to adapt to different screen sizes and customer usage modes. Additionally, don't forget to continuously test it, as it is important to ensure that it is working properly at all times.
Creating a free chatbot for your enterprise is possible with online creation platforms. Once you have found the best one among all the available options, you just have to create an account. You can then start designing your conversational agent after having first thought about the objectives it should achieve. It is important that the sentences generated by the bot are simple, short and clear for its users. At the end of its creation, test your chatbot to make sure it works properly. If not, you can make the necessary changes.

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